New Theatre Show in Development

Image: Benjamin Rabe / Fabric Lenny

Image: Benjamin Rabe / Fabric Lenny

We’re really excited to announce that we have received funding to begin work on our new theatre project Under the Bed (working Title). Supported by ACE, Leeds Central Library, ARC, Stockton and Theatre in the Mill, the project has a number of different strands that will culminate in a new theatre production, yet to be named, that will premier in November this year.

The production follows the story of a young girl, scared and confused, having been whisked away from her family in the middle of the night. Finding herself in a dusty forgotten room, in a strange house, trying to come to terms with what has happened to her; trying to remember why, her world flips upside down when a creature crawls out from beneath the bed. A creature that promises everything will be better if she comes to play in the world Under the Bed. 

Told using live Performance, live Music, Paper cut projections, Animation and live Drawing this new play will blend the darker side of fairytales with a stark reality, to create visually rich, moving and thought provoking production.

Image: Benjamin Rabe

Image: Benjamin Rabe

The project as a whole will be broken into 3 stages:

Fairytale Lab - As part of Leeds Central Library’s WordPlay programme, Artists from the Collective will be in residency, exploring the visual aesthetic of the production as well as working alongside an expert in Fairytale archetypes and a Child Psychologist. This residency will culminate in an Art Exhibition of the work created that will be on display in the Library’s Art Space.

Graphic Novel - Based upon the Library residency, writer Dan Mallaghan and artist Fabric Lenny will create the final story and produce an illustrated script for the production. Similar in style to a graphic novel, this script will be used by the other Artists on the project for commissioned animations and music.

Final Production - Bringing all of the projects Artists together for an intensive 3 weeks to pull all of the various parts of the production together and present the work at partner venues.

Please check back soon for a full list of Artists working on the project and come and visit us at Leeds Library over Easter to help us develop the work.