Fairytale Lab - Developing the Visuals

Last week we had an incredibly full on and productive time based at Leeds Central Library for the first stint of Fairytale Lab. We were joined by Matthew Watkins (he flew in from Southern Italy), pupils from Blenheim Primary School and artists Benjamin Rabe (Hamburg) and Jonathan Grauel (USA) via live drawing link using the Talkboard app.

The beginnings of the Fairytale Doodle

The beginnings of the Fairytale Doodle

We used a variety of approaches as springboards for the creation of new imagery including: Large scale collaborative doodles, drawing games such as Exquisite Corpse, Live Tagtool Jamming, and iPad drawing. A few examples appear below.

Matthew working on the Fairytale Doodle

Vines from the tagtool sketching jams FL vs MW

We will be in residence again this coming week when we are joined by Musician Nick Lewis and Artist Lou Sumray as we further develop the work and start to prepare an exhibition.