A Common Thread

Status: Past Project

View of the 120m image

View of the 120m image

A Common Thread was a large scale 120m image based art intervention installed in Sheffield, with a view to celebrating the people who live and work in the Spital Hill and Burngreave area of the city. 

154 artists Richard Hanson and Fabric Lenny worked closely with the local community to document and develop ideas and imagery which formed the final work.  

The project involved the photographing of hundreds of local people, with many of them appearing in the final piece, alongside playful imagery inspired by the concept of a common thread running through the community.

A Common Thread has provided a welcome visual intervention on a popular commuter route both in an out of the City. 

A Common Thread was commissioned by Sheffield City Council.  


Creative Team:

Lead Artists: Richard Hanson and Fabric Lenny

Photography: Richard Hanson

Artist: Fabric Lenny

Engagement Workshops: Richard Hanson, Yvonne Roberts, Fabric Lenny