The People Watcher

Status: Past Project

Illustration showing the people watcher

Illustration showing the people watcher

This exciting Public Art project, commissioned by Beam and Barnsley Community Solutions saw the installation of a series of interventions at Goldthorpe Health Centre in South Yorkshire. The development of the work was grounded in community engagement work throughout Goldthorpe, including sessions at the Library, the Youth Centre and the Health Centre itself  .

The final work will includes bespoke seating embellished with collected memories and phrases, a framed original painting and a plaque commemorating a fictional local character. 


“The 154 Collective have created a series of works for the Goldthorpe Health Centre, including a three seater bench and a single seater throne, each said to have been frequently used by ‘ThePeople Watcher’. The seats are adorned with words, phrases and statements reflecting the thoughts,hopes and aspirations of members of the local community. The work is a celebration of words, community and the power of stories.”.

Creative Team:

Lead Artist: Fabric Lenny

Words and Research: Dan Mallaghan

Photography: Richard Hanson

Artists: Fabric Lenny / Anna Connor

Workshops: Lou Sumray, Dan Mallaghan, Yvonne Roberts