Wrestling the Walrus

Status: Current Project

Wrestling the Walrus - Publicity Image

Wrestling the Walrus - Publicity Image

A 154 Collective and Royal Exchange Theatre co-production – winner of the 2018 Hodgkiss Award.

WRESTLING THE WALRUS is a new play about companionship, connections and the millions of tiny memories that make up a person’s history.

Two people form an unlikely bond over a series of chance encounters. A suitcase full of stories collected over a lifetime, is unpacked to reveal the complexities involved in navigating our own lives, and what happens when we forget to pack the right things.

Expect a feast for the senses that mixes performance, animation, live lyrical music and film. 


28 June to 6 July 2019

Royal Exchange Manchester

0161 833 9833 / royal exchange.co.uk